Just open it, sign the pre-filled form, follow the short, personalized instructions and mail it all in our prepared, prepaid packet.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Looking to save time and effort? Stuck at home? The SSA allows you to REPLACE, UPDATE, CHANGE OR REQUEST NEW social security cards FREE. No matter what you do it takes 2 weeks to get your card once your application is accepted, even if you're able to drive clear to the SSA office and wait in line. Plus, if you don't have everything you need you'll have to return home. You can do all the research and mail it, but mistakes are common considering rules differ from person to person, and you don't even realize you made a mistake until you get your rejected application back. This service provides everything you need to apply correctly the first time, securely, and with minimal effort, all without leaving home. Avoid the drive, the research, purchasing mail supplies, postage, and any related hassle.

researching, risking mistakes, or making unnecessary trips. Take about 5 minutes and we'll give you an Easy Packet awaiting only your signature and I.D. documents. Secure application from home. Just $39.00

Service Unique Value Added
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  • Dynamic questionnaire reduces required answers
  • We prepare the application document for you
  • Receive short, customized filing instructions
  • We provide everything you need to apply securely without leaving home.
  • If needed, we help you request documents such as birth certificate from birth state.